Yeeooooo! My name is Cole and I am a 19 year old from CT. I've always had a love for creating, but it all really picked up in March of 2020, during the start of quarantine. I started out making the thumbnail art for my friend Ronnie's YouTube (JUSTRON on YT), and he encouraged me to start up an Instagram

I would have never imagined something I just started for fun, and still do for fun, could have ever turned into everything that has transpired in just this short amount of time. 
In the past year I have met and connected with some incredibly talented individuals, a lot who helped me and inspired me, whether with my art or simply in life, so quick shoutout to Seba Seba & JUSTRON for getting me started, @ByKXNG for helping me an unthinkable amount with my art, and each and every person who has followed and supported me in these past sixteen months. 
Each and every purchase off this website will go right back into my art, constantly trying to improve. Appreciate you all, cheers!